Mittwoch, 12. Januar 2011

75% of French in favour of a maximum salary: no more than 327600 Euros a year!

We always knew there was something about the French that just didn't sit well with us. Now we can put our finger on it!

A new Ifop poll released today reveals that a whopping 75% of French, in other words 3 out of 4 Frenchman favour a state-ordained maximum salary for private businesses.

The sruvey was conducted in January with 1007 French over the age of 18. 75% of the people polled agreed that "the compensation of certain executives of large companies has now reached unreasonable levels."

Only 25% thought that State has no business setting the wage policies of private businesses.

The upper limit that the French Socialist Party would like to see implemented is 20 times the minimum salary (SMIC). The SMIC is currently at 9 Euros/hour, at a full time job (35 hours is full time in France) this makes a maximum of 1,365 Euros a month.

This would mean that the absolute maximum salary would be 20 times 1,365 Euros = 27300 Euros a month, i.e. 327,600 Euros a year maximum salary.

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